10th anniversary of the Fukushima tsunami and gau, March 11th 2021

Due to travel constraints, Christoph Band was unable to attend the ceremony for the lighting of the Eternal Fire in the grounds of Hokyoji Temple in Fukushima Perfecture.  It was agreed that he would conduct a meditation in the Vienna Woods as an act of solidarity.



Photo: Rev. Hayakawa, Buddhist Monk (left) and Professor Anzai by the Monument of Regrets and Messages to the Future about Nuclear Power (March 11, 2021 at Hokyoji Temple, Fukushima Prefecture)

Experiences during my travels and my studies in prana vita and mindfulness re-affirm the universal truth “ we are all connected“

For over 2 decades, Christoph W. Band has been a regular traveller to countries in the Pacific Ring of Fire. This area is home to over 75% of the world’s active and dormant volcanoes. About 90% of the world’s earthquakes and 80% of the world’s largest earthquakes occur here. Volcanoes and earthquakes are seismic twins, born of the natural bumping and grinding of the world’s tectonic plates, a timeless process unrelated to global warming and climate change. Mankind’s mistreatment of the environment will not cause volcanoes to erupt, or the earth to move, but seismic events do have powerful impacts on the environment and leave indelible prints on those who experience them. Those at sea can generate tsunamis when plate subductions displace vast amounts of seawater and send it racing to shore at the speed of a jumbo jet, slowing and rising as it arrives.  This was the case that contributed to the nuclear disaster in Fukushima in 2011. The following extract from Tales of a traveller: we are all connected by Christoph W. Band Story from Ko Lipe, tells his very personal experience of the volatility of the region. When i arrived in Ko Lipe in January 2011, i always woke up around 1 hour before sunrise. Not knowing what to do, i went to the beach to sit under a wonderful tree with white flowers.  There i started my meditation in the dark. At first i was surprised that a lot of dogs came to me. I was a little scared they will scratch me or infect me.  Then a female dog lay close to my leg and all the other dogs went away. It was clear to see that she had born many pups and it was very nice to feel her warm body and maternal protection. After that experience, every morning something woke me up, even when i was out dancing and came home very late. I returned to the same spot and my special protector would be there. When i started my meditation i always got the impression i could see the earth in front of me and i have to send healing energy….what i then did.  No idea how long i meditated, but always when i opened my eyes it was suddenly very bright and the birds were singing. It is the best time of the day when life wakes up. It was also very exciting when i opened my eyes after meditation i saw the white flowers lying around me in a circle. After the earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan the feeling to meditate was gone….maybe I could feel the tension?  I did not see my little protector after that but a special connection to the events in Fukushima remains.