The artist

Christoph W. Band born in Vienna , Austria.

Working more than 20 years in sales in the IT industry incl. Borland, CISCO Systems, SUN Microsystems. During this period of time he became intrigued by the development of systems of communication. This lead to his studies in philosophical and religious traditions as they relate to the development of science and technology. In 2011 after travelling throughout Europe and Asia, he embarked on his journey to interpret his acquired knowledge and experience in communication systems. This culminated in his first works MONTBLANC Fountain Pen graphic art on paper series.

He continued his exploration as a pioneer in IT – artificial intelligence art forms incorporating the philosophical and scientific perspectives of notable scientists like Rupert Sheldrake.

At first glance the graceful, feathered swings of the pen in structures such as lines and circles appear simple but in fact therein lies a more complex linear form. The compositions are closely connected to the place of their creation.

„It describes a dynamic line of energy to the different places where I drew the compositions. I have expressed my emotional condition in pen and ink.Parts of the original drawings have been professionally enlarged, thereby making it easier to see not only the line format, but also the craft needed to draw every ink molecule. What is not immediately visible to the eye is therefore made visible and new discoveries can be made at every observation. Later i found the joy of studying coincidence and doing art performances and the happiness of social projects“.

Selected list of exhibitions:

2023 JAZZ inspired ART   CITYgalleryVIENNA  (april 25 – may 7 2023).

2021 Time Signatures     UCV Foto Art IN FOCUS in cooperation with The Female Jazz Art quartet at Kulturpicknick Klosterneuburg (aug 2021).

2021 World Mental Health Day          Online Energy Signature drawings inspired by artists of Studio Gugging (oct 2021).

2021  Angels for peace   Traveling art exhibition for 40.Worldpeaceday, Klosterkirche der Franziskanerinnen Amstetten (sept-oct 2021)

2020  Kierling in  der Kunst     Kafka Triptychon and Angels For Peace,  UNIVERSAL MUSEUM KIERLING (jul 18th – oct 2020)

2019 ANGELS FOR PEACE Travelling street art exhibition in the footsteps of St Francis – FOTOArt „IN FOCUS“  (oct-dec 2019)

2019 Opening performance for Dorotheum  „A chance for happiness“ auction In collaboration with UCV, Kleine Galerie, EGA Vienna curated by V.Kabar  ( january 16)

2018 Morphic Fields Solo Art Exhibition in China Zentrum Baihe Vienna (oct25th-feb28th 2019)
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2018  WITH A ROSE SCENT Group art exhibition in Athens – Bulgarian Embassy (June 1-3rd)
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2018  Global recycling day in cooperation with UNESCO Club Vienna and Earth Charter Austria Sience, Technology, Innovation and the Arts educating the public on the necessity of Recycling. (March 18th till April 17th)

2017 BanDorrer Situative Performance with Angela Andorrer (violin) in Maria Gugging Austria. (Oct. 15th)

2017  GONG OF LOVE Art Installation Villa Oceana Boracay Philippines (feb 16-19th)


2017 „ATI Children“ Peace and painting workshop for the ATI Tribal Organization BATO . A project of Erd Charta Austria. (february)

2016  Morphic Fields Solo Art Exhibition Nagarro ART FORUM Vienna (jan19th-may31st)

2016  Mozart doorsill 358 and Benjamin Franklin Solo Art Exhibition in MuTh Vienna (october 6th-30th)

2016  Yoga Power Solo Art Exhibition Icon Tower Dubai (may 21st)

2016  Connectedness and Peace in the sense of VOXMI (feb 29th Europaschool)

2015  IMAGINE… Solo Art Exhibition KNP Financial Services Vienna (oct 22nd-dec 22nd)

2015 ABSOLUT MOZART Raiffeisenhall Klosterneuburg (sept 19th)

2015 KUNST AM KANAL Location: Das Werk Vienna (7-8 august) Artinstallation together with Fran Eve Wright.

2015 UNCAGEMENT “ Making invisible cages visible“ Performance New York Central Park Aren`t we all living in inner cages? We can free ourselves from these cages, if we are aware of them. Uncagementday by Birdman Hans Langner. Gallery Gugging. (june 2nd)

2015 IMAGINE PEACE IS POSSIBLE Performance  New York strawberry fields (june 3rd)

2015 „MOZART DOORSILL 358“ at Mozarteum Salzburg The art installation „Mozart doorsill 358″ by artist Christoph W. Band was displayed at Mozarteum Salzburg during the poetry reading and concert by Italian poet Natale Porritiello.“ (april 11th)

2015 PEACE LIES IN OUR HANDS at Boracay Philippines (feb 20th) Peace and painting workshop for the „Babies of Boracay“ in Tambisaan. Art performance by Christoph Band: „Making the Invisible Visible“ A project of UNESCO Club Vienna. (feb 20)


A project of UNESCO Club Vienna…connecting people and cultures. Peace and paintingworkshop for children in Carbiz Caritas Bildungszentrum Hebbelplatz Wien. Artperformance by Christoph Band: „making the invisible visible“ and paintings by CAROP. Project was displayed in Peacemuseum Vienna for the international day of tolerance (15-30 Nov. 2014).

2014 WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. MAKING THE INVISIBLE. VISIBLE. Artperformance for the peacemuseum Vienna 2014:

2013 „Wiener Erotik und mehr“ Zürich Galerie ARTSeefeld

2013„MORPHIC FIELDS“  Peter Walter Kunstraum


The doorsill was displayed during the chamberconcerts of Mr. Christoph Ehrenfellner`s Kultursalon Wasserzeile in Klosterneuburg.