The “Kafka Triptych” by Christoph W. Band.

The work of art was made for the annual exhibition „Kierling in der Kunst“ of the Universalmuseum Kierling https://www.museumkierling.com from July  till October 2020.

Kierling a place of art and culture.
With this special exhibition, the focus was once again drawn to the hometown of Kierling. Works primarily by artists from Kierling were featured.

The work of art by Christoph Band „Kafka Triptychon“ consists of an original piece of wood measuring 260 x 90 x 12.5 mm from the former “Hoffmann” sanatorium, where FRANZ KAFKA died. He received the original piece of wood from Dr. Manfred Müller from the Austrian Franz Kafka Society. https://www.franzkafka.at/home/

The leather-bound triptych includes a laser-etched drawing of an angel with a lantern by Band, along with Kafka’s aphorisms:

„Art flies around the truth but with the determined intention not to get burned“ (Oktavheft 7).

Video of the Kafka triptychon:   https://youtu.be/2GS8vzu3g6g




„How do you like my drawing?

You, I was once a great draftsman, only then I started to learn school drawing from a bad painter and spoiled all my talent. Just think!… Those drawings satisfied me more than anything in its day, it’s been years.

Franz Kafka