„The Power of Color“  7 x 5 meter


After the project „Gong of Love“ in Asia (Philippines ,Boracay Villa Oceana) the artist Christoph W. Band brought his art to his hometown, where he works and  lives in Klosterneuburg, Austria.

The Uferhaus (bar and restaurant) is located close to the danube , where you can cross the river with a rolling ferry and its the recreation area for many people.

The terrace is the perfect place for his colourful art. After many drawings about the power of words, thinking and actions, the power of color fits perfect in the series of Christoph W. Bands art.

Please contact the artist, if you have any space you want to have colored.

A terrace with a wonderful view to the danube beach.


The terrace with a stunning view to the danube beach has been  painted with special streetcolors. Thomas Ockermüller a professional craftworker from the area helped the artist  to bring the art of Christoph Band in a master quality on the floor.

Sponsors: Uferhaus Klosterneuburg, Thomas Ockermüller.