Studying the coincidence

Arrived in Bangkok I was thinking if i should buy colours and canvas for the island. I made the decision that i will go with the flow and will find the wright tools and colours. Studying the coincidence at this time was my main focus.


Big Buddha temple batik

I love the  temples in Asia, meditating or just enjoying the nice brise and shadow there. The closest temple where i stayed was the BIG BUDDHA temple in the north. There i met an batik artist, who was happy to teach me how to use the wax and the colours. It was only allowed for me to start paint during sunset till in the deep night.

Always when i left after painting in the night the temple i recognised the meditative work and everything around me seems to be very very calm and a wonderful scenery. Maybe its after 4 hours of strong concentration a different kind of meditation.

In this place i produced around 7 wonderful big size  batik paintings.

Pictures of my batik art.

My  decision not take colours with me teached me a totally new way to create art.

This is  generally my way to learn and to enjoy to  express my special inner feelings.

It was a challenge to make longer lines with the hot wax with very simple tools and it was very irritating for the local artist who was  used to paint fishes and buddhas, that someone is doing something abstract. I guess i teached the local artist he can do workshops in future with tourists. So we both enjoyed exchanging our knowledge without words.

I am proud to be an autodidact !