Jazz Inspired Art Exhibition by Christoph W. Band provides the unique context for IJD 2023 to showcase the synergy of ART MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHY. With live energy signatures. Featuring the 1993 recording ‘Cantaloop‘ by US3 sampling Herbie Hancock’s ‘Cantaloupe Island’ with rapper Rahsaan Kelly.

CITYgalleryVIENNA: https://publicartists.online

Jazz day 2023: https://jazzday.com/listing/hip-hop-jazz-sunday-session-sounds/

ART Energy Signatures by Christoph Band:
Time Signatures in Space featured for 100 years Dave Brubeck Countdown – Time in outer space  june 2021
MOX NIX ARTFARMER transformative power of Jazz  April 2022  50. anniversary Jazzland
Fischer Martin Trompete 
Lukas Böck Schlagzeug 
Michael Strauss 
Monks Dream 
Next Generation of Soundchapter 2 
Personal Favourites and Nice You  
Rythm at me and Robin Gadermaier Solo 
Wolfgang Wehner Percusion  https://www.jazztrio.at
MUSIC: Hip Hop Jazz with DJ Nick Pena aka livin2win
PHOTOGRAPHY: Dipl. Fotograf Roman Jiranek.  2023 IJD Impressions