ORIGINS The God Game 
The journey starts here:  Uferhaus
A conceptual art project with Fran Wright, member of the Archaeomythology Institute.
DNA being the sole common feature of all living things. More importantly, the language DNA uses to convey information is common to all; the same language is read and understood by all living things. And most importantly, the DNA language is not just the common language used by all species; it is the only language used by any species.
Despite all our differences, we are One Family One World – we are all connected  Artist: Christoph W. Band

Uferhaus, the oasis on the Danube.

Manushe Prenka founded the Uferhaus in 1994 with several partners, but she has been the sole operator for more than a decade.

Manushe was born in Marmull, Kosovo, and shortly afterwards she came to Austria with her parents, where she grew up happily with her seven siblings. Before she found her little oasis, she traveled the world, even lived briefly in Asia and worked in a travel agency at the same time.

After she came across her small wooden hut, she converted it into a feel-good place and has been enriching Klosterneuburg with great events, good music and friendly staff who couldn’t be more different. Among other things, spectacular fire events with the artist Christian Marmorstein and even bands such as the sound carousel in the Uferhaus can be expected.

Manushe enjoys working with artists from all over the world and is always open to new things to make her small restaurant on the Danube an unforgettable place.

Their latest enrichment can be admired as soon as you enter the ground. Directly in front of the distribution window, Christoph Band has immortalized himself with his artwork „ORIGINS – DNA Helix“, with which he expresses the motto of both the owner and her entire restaurant – we are all connected.     Text: Emilia Braun