JAZZ inspired ART

ART FARMER – Mox Nix   youtube link

The track MOX NIX was selected as inspiration by Lynne Mueller, former manager of Art Farmer.
Mox nix! From the German phrase, „Es macht nichts!“ Often used by U.S. servicemen to mean „It doesn’t matter“ or „It’s not important“. See A Dictionary of Catch Phrases: British and American, from the Sixteenth Century to the Present Day (2nd ed.). p. 314.


“Art was well-known to Vienna’s international and diplomatic community during his stay in Vienna and I had the pleasure to hear him perform on several occassions. Listening to Mox Nix, the energy flowed – an old soul moving through the vortex of time – Austrian artist Christoph Band has captured this on canvas.”

Fran Eve Wright, UCV FotoArt IN FOCUS platform


Jazz Forum  Noal Cohen & Lynne Mueller with Michael Fitzgerald ON the launch of the Art Farmer website and on-line archive.


International Jazz Day 2022 feature article on Art Farmer


Teachers Krems Music School Montage (c) G. Fallmann / That´s Jazz 

Strauss – sax
Martin Fischer  tp
Christof Gigacher – git
Uli Datler – p
Christian Wendt – b
Lukas Böck – dr

FotoArt IN FOCUS in collaboration with That’s Jazz IJD 2022 Concerts
  • The Transformative Power of Jazz through Action Painting with Christoph W. Band during concerts with teachers and with students of Music School Krems
  • Poster Art Exhibit JAZZ and Cultural Diplomacy at Salz Stadl